Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Enjoy net-based virtualized computing

For the success of your business, a strong IT foundation is essential. What's more, this has to be supported with proactive, reliable and responsive service to keep it performing at its peak.
Take servers, for example. Server technology is becoming more important to businesses in a range of industries, which is why so many companies are taking their servers off-site to co-location facilities where they can be monitored around the clock and kept cool and out of danger. Such facilities also have enhanced security, backup provision, firewalls, and system upgrades. Prosora offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions here in Dallas, and we can host business servers in one of our state-of-the-art data centers.

With its IT infrastructure being designed, created and implemented with a business's specific needs in mind, it can be adapted and changed as the company does - helping meet goals today and in the future. IaaS Solutions from Prosora help you eliminate the hassles and frustrations of managing your infrastructure in-house, because our team of experts will monitor, manage and maintain it all for you.

Prosora's IaaS solutions also include:

  • Equipment inspection, handling, and installation
  • Help from experts who can consult with you during the co-location process
  • Inventory analysis, in order to verify the location of your equipment
  • Ongoing reports to confirm systems and equipment are configured and running properly
  • Great backup and disaster recovery – quick recovery and zero data loss, with all services accessible via an internet connection if disaster strikes
  • Business growth – when you move to a service-based model you can focus more time and resources on developing your company

The scalability and responsiveness of Prosora’s IaaS services mean that you pay for what you use, when you need it, and on a predictable, fixed-monthly-charge basis. This is a great solution for any business looking for rapidly scalable and economic IT.

Come and talk to the team at Prosora about how our IaaS solutions represent a cost-effective, reliable, secure, user-friendly and long-term answer to your IT challenges.

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