““Prosora has proven to have a Great Team of People and Technology Approach. I’ve recommended them to a number of other businesses I work with.”

 – Kevin R. (CIO, Multi-Location Law Firm)

About Prosora

Prosora Technologies is an IT service company that provides full and fractional IT Services to Dallas area small and mid-sized businesses. Our core service offerings are designed to help businesses improve their IT infrastructure and increase service quality. Our customized IT services are built to align our motivations and incentives with our customers We want to reach the ultimate goal of up-time and efficiency. We do so by using our technical experience along with the latest technologies available to help prevent issues, maintain systems, and support our customers.

We offer your company a no-cost, no-obligation assessment that will provide critical feedback about your infrastructure and potential failures. This will help you decide which IT provider best fits your business, and future decisions about IT. If you’re looking for IT services in Dallas, we provide comprehensive services including managed IT services and IT consulting, virtualization services, and backup disaster recovery.

Meet Our team

  • George Casillas
  • Kenneth Tate
  • Jeremy Collins
    Professional Services Lead
  • Scott Majerczyk
    Remote Operations Lead
  • James Haney
    Technical Account Manager
  • Joseph Newton
    Technical Account Manager
  • Gregory Buffington
    Remote Operations Technician
  • Samantha Chiffriller
    Office Manager
  • Kimberly Terry
    Network Operations Center Technician
  • Beck Dennis
    Technical Account Manager
  • Dennis Kam
    Remote Operations Technician
  • Ray Williams Jr.
    Technical Account Manager
  • Ted Bergeron III
    Remote Operations Technician
  • Donovan Acree
    Technical Account Manager

The Prosora way

Prosora is different from other IT service companies in our retention – both employee and customer. Our employees and our customers are family. Culture is a big part of what we do and who we are. We are a top-rated company offering IT services in Dallas for a reason. Our technology, our team and our care help to ensure that your business’s IT runs smoothly.

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