Prepare your business data for any disaster

Here at Prosora we understand how important it is for business owners to protect their vital business information from threats both internal and external. Such threats could be anything from an earthquake or flood to something much smaller, like a piece of software failing or a computer virus infecting your system. Prosora can help put together a plan to deal with these problems and ensure your company can continue to do business even if disaster has struck. We assess your current state of preparedness, help you set the goals and objectives you want to achieve should disaster hit, and ascertain the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a plan and how those duties are to be carried out.

The benefits of Business Continuity Planning include an increased level of preparedness, regulatory compliance, a competitive advantage, and protection of your brand.

Prosora has your back with:

  • Consistent business operation and recovery preparation – tailor-made to your business requirements
  • Backup and data restoration – an additional protective layer for your critical files, with hard drive backup and system recovery

There are many advantages to having a Business Continuity Plan in place. Prosora’s team is able to provide you with full analysis, preventive measures, and security together in one solution that will ensure your business remains operational during any disaster. This allows you to rest easy, knowing you won’t be going out of business due to problems beyond your control.

If you are looking for help with your Disaster Planning, book a meeting with one of the Prosora team members and we can come up with a plan.

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