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If your business is hosting all of its own IT, you’ll know what an expensive affair it can be. Designing and installing an IT hosting system takes time and causes stress, while network maintenance and security issues incur the expense of even greater staffing needs. But Prosora can save you money with Hosted Solutions.

When you choose a Hosted Solution from Prosora you know that all your applications are being managed, routinely updated and patched, and backed by continual technical and customer support. This provides value, better performance and support, as well as improved system security. These Hosted Solutions can be implemented quickly and often remotely, so you are not at risk of incurring any downtime.

The benefits of Prosora’s Hosted Solutions include:

  • More reliable connectivity, which means your staff get instant access to the critical applications necessary for their productivity.
  • Dedicated servers for your applications in a secure, highly available data center.
  • Prosora’s 24×7 tech support, to help you with software problems whether on your desktop or laptop, Mac or PC.
  • A fixed monthly rate – uncomplicated, all-inclusive billing to bring predictability to your budgets.
  • Constant upgrades and new software so you get the benefits of the latest tech.

Small and medium businesses don’t have the resources and experience necessary to design and maintain the same kind of business hosting solutions that Prosora can offer. It makes more sense to leave it to our team of experts so that, as a business owner, you can focus your resources on growing your business.

Our hosting services can free you from the burden of IT and save you money, so come and talk to the team.

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